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About Pure Oven Cleaning Service

Business built on recommendations & repeat customers

Pure Oven Cleaning specialise in the thorough clean of all types of cookers and ovens across Leicestershire and Warwickshire. 


Pure Oven Cleaning is an established family run business. We are here to help you do one of the most hated jobs in the household. 


Our service is well known throughout the local area, providing amazing value for money without disruption to your home or daily routine. We pride ourselves on the service we provide, using only low-odour cleaning products to thoroughly clean your oven or cooker.


The service takes 2-4 hours depending on the type of oven with minimal disturbance to your home & leaving your kitchen immaculate.


Much of our business comes from our existing customers or recommendations made to their family or friends. What better recommendation could a business ask for than that of satisfied customers. 


We understand that oven cleaning can be a nightmare and not a task that many want to do by themselves. Our no-mess, low odour service allows you to relax in your home while we get the job done, leaving your oven fresh, clean and ready to use. 


Our dedication to our service means that we research each and every product we use to find the best solution to your oven cleaning needs. Our low-odour, water based cleaning products have been tested to remove the stubborn, burnt in carbon and grease that is usually increasingly hard to remove. 


All removable parts of your cooker will be taken out to our van mounted heated tank  so there is no mess to your kitchen sink. Removing all the parts of the cooker ensures the deepest clean, giving it the newness it once had when you bought it from the showroom.


  • No-mess, no hassle guarantee for all our work

  • All cookers and ovens catered for

  • Minimum disruption and flexible working hours

  • All services completed to exceptionally high standards

  • Replacement oven bulbs and filter paper available


If your oven is in need of our help, contact us today for more information about our services, the products we use or simply for a quote. We will be glad to help.


When you contact Pure Oven Cleaning, you can be assured that the job will be done with minimum disruption and hassle to you. Leaving you with a clean, fresh and ready to use oven.


Contact us today for more information on any of the services we provide and we will be more than happy to help. Or, if you are looking for a quote, we can provide a free quote whilst you are on the phone.

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