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With many of our regular customers asking for Carpet cleans along with our oven cleaning we have now started providing this service. We are a family run company taking pride in our work with most of our customers being repeat or recommendation's. Our Carpet cleaning serves Loughborough, Coalville, Hinckley and Nuneaton.


Price list

Bedroom   £40

Master Bedroom  £45

Stairs/Landing  £60

Lounge  £50

Large Lounge £65

Through Lounge (Lounge/Diner)  £70

3 rooms £120 (bedroom, stairs/landing, lounge)


The Process

  1. Step 1: INSPECTION of the carpets to determine the carpet fiber, stains and any damage.

  2. Step 2 : HOOVERING, our SEBO Upright Vacuum Cleaner which is known for picking up that little bit more than your conventional vacuum cleaner. 

  3. Step 3 : STAIN REMOVAL, we will go round removing any stains possible.

  4. Step 4 : PRE-SPRAY, We will spray our pre-selected deep clean solution onto the carpet that will help destroy the dirt and dust deep down into the fiber’s.

  5. Step 5 : AGITATION, Now we bring in the counter rotating brush, its a machine with a motor that spins 2 brushes to help dig in deep to the carpet fibers.

  6. Step 6 : Hot water extraction this is where we now use our Air Flex machine to steam clean your carpets washing and extracting.

  7. Step 7 : DRYING, We will open all windows if possible while we clean to help circulate the air and also bring in a blower fan, this helps speed up the drying process.

  8. step 8 : carpet raking/grooming, we will use our carpet grooming brush to set your carpet fibers back to the natural state instead of having the zig zag lines that most carpet cleaners leave behind.

  9. SHOW AND TELL, Now we will remove all of our equipment and show you around and point out any issues if any such as a stain’s we could not remove.

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